Revolutionary fun.
Prepare for take off.
$17,995 AUD
Flyaway price. (Inc. GST & shipping)
Perfect. Everyday.
The Fliteboard eFoil isn’t reliant on wind or waves. Escape the crowds — fly anywhere, anytime. Ride alone, ride with friends, or share the learning experience.
Noise Free
Quiet electric motor won't disturb the environment.
Emission Free
Guilt free zero emission propulsion system.
Wake Free
Fly above the water without a splash.
Quality Materials
Carbon fibre, Innegra, aircraft grade aluminium, high quality wood laminates and composites.
Unibody Fuselage
The world's first unibody powered hydrofil fuselage, uses streamlined hydrodynamics to deliver greater efficiency.
Brushless E-Motor
The quiet electric motor produces thrust to fly at up to 45km/h
G-Force Gearhead
Precision developed in Germany specifically for Fliteboard's unique requirements.
Newton-Rader propellor
Engineered for maximum thrust and efficiency for a range of wings, rider weights, and speeds.
America's Cup lineage
Created using sophisticated parametric models and digital wind tunnel technology, Fliteboard flows instinctively through the water.
Cruiser Wing
For early and stable foiling. Maximum efficiency for slow to medium speed cruising and heavier riders. Suited to tight turns at lower speeds. The best option for waves.
For speeds up to 45km/h. Maximum efficiency for medium to fast speeds, and lighter riders. Suited to fast turns and higer speed, and long range exploration.
Your ultimate co-pilot.
Flite Controller is a custom designed waterproof (IP67) handheld remote that provides intuitive control and real-time performance information to the rider.
Throttle resolution
1,000 points
Magnetic actuator (hall sensor) for precise throttle control.
GPS + Bluetooth
Bluetooth connectivity with integrated GPS, dual IMU (accelerometer) and data logging.
High contrast data display
Sophisticated ride telemetry: Speed, distance, battery time and range, efficiency (energy per kilometer) and more.
Magentic Charging
No plugs to connect, just snap on the charging magnet.
Magnetic On-Off
The magnet in the Flite Controller activates the board’s on-off power switch
Cruise Control
Proprietary algorithms provide launch assist, cruise control and auto shut-off functions (patented).
Software update & App connect
A future Smartphone app will allow monitoring of Fliteboard systems. Performance updates and new features will be accessible via software updates.
Board options to suit any rider
Choose from three Fliteboard models to suit different riding needs.
Fliteboard and Fliteboard PRO are built using PVC carbon sandwhich technology, and come in a range of finishes including ballistic grade Carbon Innegra and Ash veneer.
The user friendly Fliteboard AIR inflates around a self-contained power shell for easy transport. This durable model is perfect for families, lessons, tours and resort operators.
Fliteboard PRO
For experienced riders that want the smallest board possible. Light weight and responsive. Due to it's significantly reduced volume the Fliteboard PRO is not recommended for beginners.
— 5’0” x 24.5”
— 70 litre | litres
— PVC Carbon Sandwich
Suits riders from beginner to advanced. Enough volume and deck area for early planning and easy pop-up, yet still highly maneuverable and easy to transport.
— 5’8” x 28”
— 100 litre | litres
— PVC Carbon Sandwich
Fliteboard AIR
High quality inflatable board. Suitable for beginners, schools, yachts use and commercial operators. Almost double the volume of the standard board to make learning even easier. Packs down for easy transportation.
— 6’6” x 30”
— 175 litre | litres (with power shell)
— High pressure inflatable (18psi)
This plug and play power source comes in two sizes depending on your performance requirements and budget. Its durable high quality housing is fully waterproof (IP67).
Flitecell Sport
30 AH
- 30Ah / 1.65KWh capacity
- 19.3 lbs
Flitecell Explore
40 AH
- 40Ah / 2.1KWh capacity.
- 30.6 lbs
- CNC machined aluminium and high temperature polymers for optimum heat management and performance
- Highest density Li-Ion cells
- Superior safety, lifecycle and power to weight ratio
- 52v Nominal (High Voltage 58.8v, Low-Voltage 42v)
- 100% pure nickel terminations for low resistance
- Two stage fusing (master and cell level)
- High strength polyvinyl chloride cell holders maximising rigidity
- Custom BMS (Battery management system) with multiple and redundant safety features

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